A Million Whistling Milkmen - Download NOW!
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Author:  ladesco [ Wed May 13, 2009 5:52 am ]
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:oops: sorry! i posted in the wrong thread... next!

Author:  ladesco [ Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:50 pm ]
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mr. bill, will it be alright for some of us kids to play around with your sound and send you something for your review? lights, camera, action, costume, milktruck, from dairy country??? nothing would ever be distributed or misused... only something for your amusement, if you'd like to even consider it for boosting donations for sara's hope foundation???

i bow to the amazement of my sis's talent and perfection when it comes to wardrobe and showtime... she's worked with martin landau, jack nicholson, other alexander paine efforts that brought filming to omaha... and she's spot on... plus, my landlord is the PERFECT retro milkman model!

the milk of human kindness is a beautifully coined phrase, and, i guess you could say we're on the beam about it... :wink:

thank you!!!


Author:  old_goat [ Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:11 pm ]
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who cares? that is a very, very, VERY cool video. Thank you for posting it!

Author:  ladesco [ Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:15 am ]
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thank you, old goat... it gets me to tears EVERYTIME i watch it. i thought i was in the YOUTUBE posting... but, also recently posted my thrill with "milkmen"!!!

life can be so unkind, we "grow up"... we do adult things, become responsible, take care of ourselves. maybe move away from home, only to return to a place that only existed in memories and dreams. lose parents, lose kids, lose friends, lose jobs, lose oneself in a bottle, lose sight of hope.

when i read about this guy who (in a nutshell) came back home to "no one", all he wanted was a hug. thus, the premise of the HUGS campaign.

a milkman of human kindness, and as you see people open up reach beyond barriers, it's so obvious that we can be a kinder, more gentle nation/world... something that john lennon could only imagine.

as quirky as bill's "million whistling milkmen" brings forward another facet of his many otherworldly sounds... his lyrics are poignant, and this song actually provokes the more intellectual music "appreciateur" to move beyond bill so as to listen to the message in his creation, whilst maintaining the multi-layers of the composition, which brings it all to a whole. the deconstruction of mr. nelson's music is a psychodelic trip, only to find that this MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER is in obvious connection to the other side, the gods, the goddesses... channeling in his chosen life's work to DO GOOD IN THIS WORLD.

(i have a feeling that emiko has a great influence, rolling pin and conscious thought for bill, that complements bill to where and what he does, will do, and be as benevolent as (since i have no idea the behaviours of djankgo/tink) "ralph the cat" who is in my midst, is.

we train dogs, but, cats, train us...

mr. nelson is a milkman of human kindness...

but, humble enought to include himself amid the remaining 999,999 milkmen who have at least been keeping current with their dues, green cards, parking tickets, child support, paying their taxes and putting a bandaid on a skinned knee. :D :wink:

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