Shining Reflector - SOLD OUT
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Author:  Garden of Surreal Dreams [ Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shining Reflector - SOLD OUT

8) Phew!!! mine just turned up today, a full 10 days after ordering it :|
(and I live in the northeast of London, not too far from SOS offices in Cambridge).

Ordered at just past midnight on Monday 8th, the day of release, received confirmation of the processing of my order four days later on Friday (when I assume it would've been posted out) and then sweated it out until today :lol:

Not sure what effect the supposed Xmas post delay had on this, as someone I know posted a small parcel to me this week on Tuesday and it arrived the very next day, which amazed me.

:? I was relieved when Shining Reflector turned up, though I was confused when opening the package, as all three of the sellotape coverings that secure the card packaging had been slit carefully, so it's seems obvious that someone had opened it and looked at the contents somewhere along the line. Luckily they can't be a BN fan, otherwise they might've spirited the CD away. Or can anyone think of another explanation for why the package had been opened and closed again very carefully?

Which brings me to ponder this thought. With only 500 being pressed and a super quick sell out, what happens if an order (or a number of orders) goes missing in the post, but with no extras left to replace it? Bill's CDs used to be sent as recorded delivery within the UK, but this one wasn't for some reason (change of policy or oversight?).

It may sound like I'm complaining, but I'm merely wondering :wink:
(PS: Can't comment on the music as I won't be able play it until tomorrow)

Author:  Sound On Sound [ Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shining Reflector - SOLD OUT

The Xmas post is indeed unpredictable. We know some fans have received their order within a day or two of it being posted and others over 7 days or more.

I have personal experience of this myself. I ordered a classical music CD from a Midland's retailer back on 3rd Dec and it's still not arrived though they assure me it was dispatched!

Re cut sellotape.
That does indeed sounds like someone decided to look inside. SOS would only send the item out sealed.

Re UK Recorded Delivery.
We stopped using that service for two reasons. 1, we felt the last price rise pushed the cost of postage up too high, and 2, many fans, not at home during the daytime, were finding it difficult to travel to their nearest depot to retrieve the undelivered item.

Re 500 pressing and the possibility of missing/damaged discs.
This rarely happens but if it does Bill has been known to supply a replacement copy from his personal stock.

Finally, the SOS Mail Order Dept have informed me that ALL orders which have been paid for have now been dispatched.

Merry Christmas from us all at SOS.

Author:  Garden of Surreal Dreams [ Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shining Reflector - SOLD OUT

8) Thanks for the personal reply Paul, your answers have cleared up a few things.

I've had another thought regarding the cut sellotape, rather than it being someone in the delivery chain. It's possible that the postman, in his haste and despite the very clear correct address on the front, actually put the CD through someone else's letterbox in my road by mistake. Assuming it was for them, the house owner may not have bothered to check who it was for and simply opened the parcel right away. On realising that they didn't order a Bill Nelson CD (and why not, I ask?), they've checked the name and address and then popped it through my letterbox without knocking to explain. A possibility at least.

Many thanks to all at SOS for your continued support for Bill, that gets his albums out into the world to his long running fans who still enjoy physical product.

Have a great holiday break,
Garden :P

Author:  Robbot [ Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shining Reflector - SOLD OUT

Any hopes of a similar situation with Shining Reflector (as with Stereo Star Maps, wherein a select # of additional copies become available)??

hint, hint, wish, wish.
:wink: :roll: :shock: :lol:

Author:  aquiresville [ Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shining Reflector - SOLD OUT

A Big Christmas Thank You to Paul and the ladies at S.O.S.! Received on Saturday, down here in Florida.


Author:  MG [ Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shining Reflector - SOLD OUT

Today; 29 December, my copy arrived. So.... happy new year!!!!!!! :D

As usual SOS went above and beyond for a BN release and they have my gratitude once again.

All the best to you for 2015 SOS people; thanks for, once again working your magic......

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